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About the TUD:OS Demo CD
Features of the TUD:OS Demo CD
TUD:OS Screenshots
Contact the TU Dresden OS Group

You can download the ISO image of the TUD:OS Demo CD here:

tudos-demo-cd.iso (118MB)

tudos-demo-cd.iso.gz (74MB)

(please right-click the link and use "save link as..." from your browser's context menu)

We also provide the following Virtual Machine configurations for VMware Workstation and VMware Player:

  • TUDOS.vmx - configuration for VMWare Workstation 5.x and VMWare Player

  • TUDOS4.vmx - configuration for VMWare Workstation 4.x

Put the configuration and the unzipped demo cd ISO image into one directory and start the virtual machine. VMWare Player will ask you, whether you would like to create a new unique identifier (UUID) for this virtual machine. Simply create a new one.

You also can use QEMU to try out the TUD:OS Demo-CD. Simply start QEMU with the following arguments:

 qemu -m 256 -cdrom tudos-demo-cd.iso

Most of the presented software is free software under the terms of the GNU GPL. The software is provided without warranty. The TU Dresden OS Group is not responsible for any damage, caused by the provided software.

System Requirements and Compatibility

The TUD:OS Demo CD is designed to run on a 1GHz Pentium-III-class PC with 256MB of memory, PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard, and a VESA-2.0-compliant graphics card. Also supported are USB HID keyboards and mice.

Known issues
  • The touchpad in your notebook may work or not depending on your notebook manufacturer. Support for IBM Thinkpad series is mostly stable.

  • Some input device configuration may end in arbitrary mouse movements or lockups. Disabling "USB Legacy" support in your BIOS often helps. As a rule of thumb: Avoid USB keyboards if possible or use them supplementary to an attached PS/2 keyboard. USB mice should always work properly.